Imágenes generadas con Inteligencia Artificial, utilizando principalmente el modelo “Stable Diffusion” 1.5 a través de la plataforma “Dream Studio” y la aplicación móvil “Pixelz AI”. Además, todas las imágenes tienen procesado posterior a través de Adobe Photoshop y Lightroom, además de un escalado mediante Topaz Gigapixel AI si es necesario.

Super Heroes


Algunos Prompts utilizados:

“Harrison Ford as Hulk, Hulk costume, Harrison Ford hairstyle, Hulk body type, Harrison Ford Face, calm, grumpy, portrait, masculine figure, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, cinematic lighting, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha”

“Wolverine as Deadpool, handsome face, unmasked, no mask, dramatic action pose, gorgeous, portrait, powerful, intricate, beautiful, masterpiece, elegant, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, artstation, sharp focus, no cropping, illustration, explosions in the background, Jean-Leon Gerome , ruan jia”

“clear portrait of a superhero concept between batman as moonkight, cottagecore background, hyper detailed character concept, full body dynamic pose intricate highly detailed, digital painting, artstation conce”

“Beautiful potrait of Matt Smith as The Night King, fine details, high detail, 4K, 8K, , fantasy, highly detailed, digital painting, trending on artstation, concept art, sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm”

“Queen Elisabeth as witch zombi, highly detailed face, realistic face, beautiful detailed eyes, fantasy art, in the style of artgerm, illustration, epic, fantasy, intricate, hyper detailed, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, ray “

“The Man in the Moon had silver shoon, and his beard was of silver thread; With opals crowned and pearls all bound about his girdle stead, In his mantle grey he walked one day across a shining floor, And with crystal key in secrecy he opened an ivory door.”

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